Soldier Career Pack

Soldier Career Pack

Become a fearless PvP pilot and carve out your slice of territory as a Soldier of Fortune.

The full contents of this pack include:

30 Days Omega

Unlock double training speed, better skills and an infinite skill queue, plus access to bigger ships with Omega.

150,000 Skill Points

Boost your skill training and develop quickly in areas you desire with a large amount of Skill Points, unlocking new elements of gameplay and gaining you a head start.

100 PLEX

Trade it for in-game ISK and buy new ships, modules or Skill Injectors, or spend your PLEX in the New Eden Store.

Basic Glamourex Booster

Elevate your social standing with a booster developed to increase the appeal of New Eden’s holoreel stars.

Basic Cerebral Accelerator

Boost your learning skills and accelerate your career path with the Basic Cerebral Accelerator.

Core Ship Operations Expert System

Boost your flying abilities with an Expert System that upgrades EVE’s 14 essential piloting skills to level 3 for seven days. Retained upon ship or capsule destruction.

Pilot clothing

Want to upgrade your pilot’s wardrobe? The pack includes a Men's 'Impact' Jacket and Men's 'Strider' Pants, plus a Women's 'Structure' Dress and a Women's 'Structure' Skirt. Dress to impress!

Drake, Harbringer, Hurricane, and Brutix SKINs

Give your battlecruiser a custom look with four included SKINs: Harbringer and Drake Raata Sunset SKINs, a Hurricane Valklear Glory SKIN, and a Brutix Kopis Edge SKIN.