Platinum Starter Pack

Platinum Starter Pack

Get the ultimate upgrade with 90 days Omega, 800 PLEX, 500,000 SP, seven SKINs, and more.

The full contents of this pack include:

90 Days of Omega

Unlock double skill training speed, access to advanced skills, and a wide range of EVE's biggest and best ships with Omega.

800 PLEX

Trade it for in-game ISK and buy new ships, modules, Skill Injectors, or spend your PLEX in the New Eden Store.

500,000 Skill Points

Boost your skill training and develop quickly in areas you desire with a large amount of Skill Points, unlocking new elements of gameplay and gaining you a head start.

Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

Boost your learning skills and accelerate your career path. This item cannot be traded.

2 x MCT Certificates

Get two Multiple Character Training Certificates and grow your influence in New Eden. Train one extra character for 60 days or train all three on your account for 30 days without pausing your skill queue! MCT cannot be traded and may only be used by active Omega accounts.

10 x Skill Extractors

Extracts 10x 500,000 Skill Points

Golem State Police SKIN

Paladin Imperial Jubilee SKIN

Leshak Metamateria Exotica SKIN

Vargur Yoiul Star SKIN

Kronos Caille Neon SKIN

Charon Vitalshift EGO SKIN

Orca Capsuleer Elite XIX SKIN