Gold Starter Pack

Gold Starter Pack

Rise to dominate with 60 days Omega, 500 PLEX, 500,000 Skill Points, nine striking SKINS, and more.

The full contents of this pack include:

60 Days Omega

Unlock double training speed, better skills and an infinite skill queue, plus access to bigger ships with Omega.

500 PLEX

Trade it for in-game ISK and buy new ships, modules or Skill Injectors, buy Omega game time or spend it in the New Eden Store.

Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

Boost your learning skills and accelerate your career path.

500,000 Skill Points

Boost your skill training and develop quickly in areas you desire with a large amount of Skill Points, unlocking new elements of gameplay and gaining you a head start.

Hephaestus & Eternity Apparel

Hephaestus pants, suit, and shoes for male pilots. Eternity suit, suit top, and boots for female pilots.

Omen Semiotique SKIN

Stand at the forefront of laser warfare with the Omen Semiotique Superluminal SKIN.

Caracal Semiotique SKIN

Crush your foes from a distance in the Caracal Semiotique Superluminal SKIN.

Thorax Semiotique SKIN

Get up close and personal with the Thorax Semiotique Superluminal SKIN.

Rupture Semiotique SKIN

Pierce the hulls of your enemies using the Rupture Semiotique Superluminal SKIN.

Stabber Fleet Issue Snowline Bladeracer SKIN

Whether dominating Faction Warfare or picking off destroyers, bring a touch of bold, vibrant style to the battlefield.

Augoror Navy Issue Sarum SKIN

A resilient laser-firing cruiser deserves lasting style. Evoke the Sarum royal family’s timeless class!

Vexor Navy Issue Glittering Dream SKIN

Draw your enemies close for upfront engagement – and dazzle them with an opulent new look.

Caracal Navy Issue Ghostbird SKIN

Fly into the battlefield on this Caldari cruiser, dipped in the colors that strike fear into your prey.

Prospect Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN

Stay hidden and stylish with the perfect SKIN for stealth mining runs and dangerous extractions.