Bronze Starter Pack

Bronze Starter Pack

Upgrade, enhance, and advance with 14 days Omega, 100,000 Skill Points, five SKINs, and more.

The full contents of this pack include:

14 Days Omega

Unlock double training speed, advanced skills, and access to bigger ships with Omega.

Standard 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

Boost your learning skills and accelerate your career path.

100,000 Skill Points

Boost your skill training and develop quickly in areas you desire with a large amount of Skill Points, unlocking new elements of gameplay and gaining you a head start.

Heron Semiotique Superluminal SKIN

Adopt an aggressively stylish look, suited to both exploring new realms and destroying interlopers.

Imicus Semiotique Superluminal SKIN

Pinpoint hostiles in a Semiotique Superluminal SKIN that asserts your taste for on point style.

Probe Issue Semiotique Superluminal SKIN

Extract a new look for your hull with an enviably attractive dressing for the data mining maestro.

Magnate Semiotique Superluminal SKIN

Give your new scouting and exploration powerhouse an unmissably slick makeover.

Venture Lodestrike SKIN

Upgrade your first mining ship’s look with a SKIN informed by the best in industrial design.