Minmatar Explorer

Expert System - Instantly unlock hacking and exploration skills for a limited time.
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The full contents of this pack include:

About Expert Systems

  • Jump straight into action with 34 new skills.
  • Use your new skills to find out what awaits you at the edge of space and beyond.

Fly the Nimble Probe

  • Unlock skills to fly the nimble Minmatar Probe-class exploration frigate!
  • Chart your own path through wormhole space and beyond.
  • Explore the vast frontiers of New Eden in search of data and relic site loot.
  • Salvage wreckage to extract the materials within.

34 Vital Skills Unlocked

  • Unlock a curated set of skills, helping you navigate the twisting pathways of wormhole space.
  • Improve your scanning, hacking, and navigation skills to evade danger and escape with the loot!

Try Before Training

  • Try different playstyles before committing to training.
  • Your Expert System is active for 7 days.
  • The Expert System is retained upon ship or capsule destruction, giving you more chances to get out there and explore New Eden!